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    Your child will be exposed to the Spanish language by a native speaker, Mrs. Angelica Ornelas, through fun activities, song and instruction.

  • Christmas and Spring Musicals

    Christmas and Spring Musicals

    In December the children present the “Story of Jesus’ Birth” in pageant and song. In May, they present a mini-musical.

  • Field Trips

    Field Trips

    Several field trips are planned each year and parents are encouraged to join us.

  • Celebrations


    Each child’s birthday is celebrated in a special way. Holidays throughout the school year are celebrated with a classroom party, dress up parades, gift exchanges and special food. Grandparents are…

  • Physical Activities

    Physical Activities

    On pleasant days we go outside to the playground or to the upper parking lot for some organized activities.

  • Group Activities

    Group Activities

    Your child will enjoy Jesus time, Story time and Music time, Show & Tell time, sharing items that begin with the “letter of the week” and cooking experiences.

  • Classroom Activities

    Classroom Activities

    Your child will learn through a variety of classroom activities. They will opportunity for expression through arts and crafts, sensory activities and free play, individually and in small groups.