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"After living in multiple countries and working in a variety of sectors, I am more and more convinced that building strong foundations is the surest way to succeed in any endeavor.  Our Redeemer Lutheran School provided that for me during my 9 years of schooling there.  The quality staff, Christ-centered environment and adherence to academic excellence provided me with the foundations to build on for years to come.  While my wife and I no longer live in St. Louis, we will absolutely be sending our own children to a Lutheran grade school, knowing the confidence we can have in the foundations being laid in them by Christ and the staff.  I recommend Lutheran education to any family, from any walk of life, as the single best way to provide a positive start to their children."  Ben P.
"I love Our Redeemer! I was baptized, confirmed and married here at this church. I attended from preschool with Mrs. Diehl through 8th grade, and I loved it so much we sent our daughters here. My girls both gained a strong respect for authority figures with Christian character, which I believe was definitely from their Lutheran education. One of the school's assets is the fact that it is small enough to allow the teachers enough time to spend with each student to help each one grow academically, as well as in strong Christian spirit. It is clear that the kids love the teachers, and the teachers treat the kids like their own. The teachers attend all school functions and their families even attend with them. We wouldn't have sent our girls anywhere else and hope that one day they'll send their kids to Our Redeemer as well."  Missy S.
"It's a school that values quality education with a Christian worldview. The teachers truly care about the students and want them to be prepared for further education and for the rest of the students' lives. I learned so much in 8th grade at Our Redeemer it's not even funny!"  Nathan W.
"High academics and expectations, emphasis on teaching students without "teach to the test" mentality; teaching creation, Christian/Biblical instruction and values; calm, cooperative atmosphere." Martin F.

"Our Redeemer Lutheran School has played a very important role in my life. I attended Kindergarten through 8th grade. I learned all of the basics we expect from grade school, but I learned much more. I learned that I am a sinner, but that God loves me so much that He sent His only Son to take my sins on Himself. Yes, I was prepared for life in this world, but also for eternal life with my Lord and Savior. Now I've watched as my children and grandchildren have received this same education. I thank God for Our Redeemer Lutheran School." Nancy M.

"My children and I are so blessed to have had this school in our lives. A quality education, caring people and Christ-centered. What more could you ask for?"  Betsy B.



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